Predator Instinct is a garment, which merges technology with clothing. This wearable piece was inspired by the overall theme of ‘Under the Microscope’, and has been designed to reflect the predatory and defensive instincts of animals in their natural habitats.

Predator Instinct is a technological spawn of a porcupine-like animal, incorporating light and mechanical movement to generate an aggressive and audacious attack, or defence mode.

Predator Instinct is fitted with a spine of spikes, which are mechanically moved by either extending your arms for battle, or crossing them against your chest for protection. Once a potential threat enters into your proximity, the spine will flare into colour, making the spikes seem more threatening and powerful. As the opponent comes closer, the colours will deepen into red to convey a menacing sense of danger. When the predator/prey is out of range, colours are no longer emitted from the spine of spikes to allow a sly get-away and sneaky camouflage.

The garment includes a ultra sonic sensor, 10 RGB LED lights wired in a 3 by 9 matrix, an Arduino lillypad and two batteries.

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